Holistic                                 Energy Therapy

Traditional Japanese Reiki Healing 

Distance Reiki Healing at half price for new clients 2020 !

1 Free Angel Light Distance Healing (Angel Therapy) on Saturday now, at 21.00-21.30. 

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1 Free Angel Card Reading with email, för new clients. 

Usui Reiki Ryoho is a traditional Japanese Reiki Healing, natural and holistic energy therapy.

Reiki Healing counteracts stress, accelerates healing processes and pain relief.

Reiki Healing protects against negative energies.

Reiki Healing and Reiki course open doors for spiritual development, personal development, emotional balance and well-being.

Rune Reading and Card Reading is not only a magical ritual, but also a traditional psychotherapy, coaching and counseling that guides to insights, spiritual and personal development.

Feng Shui home decoration

3 cinnabarite hearts, 1 cinnabarite rose, 1 cinnabarite flower bouquet, 16 sparkling crystal beads, cinnabarite stone figures for Feng Shui from China,  glittering faceted glass beads,  on a strong nylon line. Price includes shipping and taxes. Deliveries only in the EU.

499.00 kr

Distance Reiki Healing

You can prepare yourself for a Reiki distance healing on appointment: light a incense or a candle, listen to quiet music and relax. The advantages of distance healing are that you do not have to go anywhere. You get Reiki healing in peace and quiet at home! I do Reiki distance healing for you at the appointed time in the form of a common Reiki distance healing ritual. 

350.00 kr


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    1 Reiki Energy Therapy at distance for new clients 

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    1 free Angel Card Reading with email