The healing properties of the stones

Crystals &stones have renewed the popularity. The human energy field can interact with the mineral energy field and this depends on their electromagnetic and chemical properties. The energy released by various stones is easily absorbed into the human aura which is positively affected and increases in size.

Red Ruby ​​resonates with all the Archangel's energies, especially with healing Archangel Ariel who meets earthly needs. It is very beautiful protective stone and symbolizes grounding,  vitality, strength, joy of life, success, abundance. Often used in Crystal Therapy for healing and balancing the Root Chakra.


Black Labradorite has particularly powerful protective energies. It is a semi-precious stone that protects against the intrusion of negative energies into human aura, helps to carry out dreams and plans, overcomes enemies and problems, develops intuition, overcomes abuse, calm emotions, dissolves blockages and is a gemstone of  good luck. Therefore, labradorite is a spiritual, magical stone and is often used in Crystal Healing to heal the Throat Chakra, pure aura and enhance the energies of other stones. Most powerful Archangel Michael and the  wisdom&  mystery Archangel Raziel works through Labradorite.


Green Aventurine is a soothing gemstone and stands for prosperity, hope, renewal, optimism, joy, love and protects against electromagnetic waves , environmental pollution, heals skin problems. It is the stone of youth and is especially suitable for young people before making life-changing decisions or trips. In Crystal Therapy this semi-precious stone is used for the Heart Chakra and symbolically is Archangel's Raphael stone..


All Chakra Bracelets are a combination of different stones, whose energy positively affects the body in a holistic way, by strengthening and purifying the human aura, balancing the chakras. Which stones is chosen for Crystal Healing depend on current needs. Chakra bracelets or stone bracelets are a traditional amulet since ancient times, which can be used as jewelry and for magical or healing properties.


Purple Amethyst is used in Crystal Healing to heal, cleanse and balance the upper chakra. In the Mineral Kingdom, Amethyst is regarded as a powerful spiritual crystal and for holistic balance throughout the body. Amethyst stands for justice, tranquility, balance, forgiveness and faithfulness. It is protective stone against paranormal and negative energies. Relieves addiction and sleep problems. Amethyst symbolizes Archangel Zadkiel's energy.


Yellow Amber represents the sun's energy in the Mineral Kingdom. It is a protective stone and amulet that spreads energy of joy, positivity, balances emotions, absorbs negative energies and helps with stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, stagnation. In Crystal Healing, this semi-precious stone reinforces the properties of the other stones, as it helps to heal the entire body. Stress is the cause of most diseases and amber absorbs all the negative stress-related energies and balances all chakras. Amber is most commonly used for Throat Chakra, against asthma and depression. Archangel Uriel's energy that heals karma works through this gemstone.


Tiger Eye is semi-precious stone that has protective and foundational properties. In the Mineral Kingdom, the stone symbolizes mental stability, self-confidence, determination, motivation, studies, insights. Traditionally used for success, especially on the journey. This stone can be used to call on Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Justice, who helps get out of difficult situations. In Crystal Healing we use Tiger Eye to balance and purify lower chakras and specifically to strengthen Solar Plexus chakra.


White Opal is used in Crystal Therapy, to balance the Crown Chakra (Head Chakra). This semi-precious stone symbolizes angelic communication, purity, clarity, spiritual development, inspiration, imagination. White Opal cleanses, reinforces and balances the aura and all chakras.


Yellow Citrine is used for healing the Solar Plexus chakra (Personal Power Chakra) and is very strong cleansing, protective stone. Citrine symbolizes creativity and inner strength. Archangel Gabriel is associated with this semi-precious stone.