Reiki distance healing

  • Humans and animals need relief from different negative energies to feel good and get rid of mental or physical suffering and pain. In my experience, the desired positive effect of Reiki healing is usually felt directly in terms of stress, body pain and emotion. Reiki healing contributes significantly to well-being!
  • Reiki healing is recognized in Sweden as alternative body care.  Reiki healing is recognized as complementary / alternative medicine in regular healthcare and is practiced as a energy therapy in Norway and other countries.
  • Reiki is  universal  energy (Ki) and Reiki distance healing is effective and works in the same way as physical Reiki healing. 
  • You can prepare yourself for a Reiki distance healing on appointment: light a incense or a candle, listen to quiet music and relax. 
  • The advantages of distance healing are that you do not have to go anywhere. You get Reiki healing in peace and quiet at home! 
  • I do Reiki distance healing for you at the appointed time in the form of a common Reiki distance healing ritual.