Angel guidance with Angel Cards for the year 2019


Compromise, cooperation with others, moderation in everything, balance between planning and action at the beginning of the year - is the angels' guidance. Being at home and caring for yourself and the family, being happy with everything you have, being creative and serving others is advice from the angels for winter 2019. At the end of the year, December 2019, you can expect a well-deserved abundance and fulfillment of dreams . In the spring, optimistic and happy news will come. In spring and June there are very positive energies and everything looks very good. It's really a happy time that you don't want to miss, but rather use for long-term plans and then all your wishes can be met. Live life without worry! July and August, on the other hand, can lead to challenging information that may force you to follow a new life program and some plans may be delayed or changed. It is important to make decisions objectively, clear away and release everything that is no longer needed. In the fall you get the chance to open your heart and carry out humanitarian work, meet friends, soul mate or a life partner, take care of your health and start a new life journey and plan for the next year.